Alternative Budget European City Breaks!

Letter 130 Lost on where to next visit in Europe? I'd like to offer my input of some of my favourite European cities that suit a student budget! I've not been to a huge amount of countries in Europe, but those I have been to I've travelled well so I hope my insight will help! … Continue reading Alternative Budget European City Breaks!

Beauty of Berlin

Letter 122 My 5 days in Berlin were filled with beautiful architecture, striking street art, salty pretzels and Christmas cheer. I fell in love with this quirky city and all its perfect imperfections. This is part 2 of my account of Berlin, and its taken almost a month to get it written and uploaded, but … Continue reading Beauty of Berlin

Warming to Berlin at Christmastime

Letter 118 Berlin is a striking city of edgy art, modern architecture, friendly culture and unfortunate history. It is different to any city I've ever been to and it actually might be one of my favourites. It doesn't have the consistent perfect terracotta roofs of Florence or the quaint cobbled streets of Kotor, it doesn't … Continue reading Warming to Berlin at Christmastime