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Welcome to my blog! I’m Lou and I started this blog 4 years ago to document my travels and to provide as much information about the places I’ve been as possible.

Since the beginning of my letters from Lou, I have completed my architecture university degree, vowed I’d never go back and got a job managing events within a historic buildings trust, worked at said trust for 18 months and then finished to go off and travel for a while (who knows how long). Crazily, I then planned to return to the UK to do an architecture placement, with a view to going back to university to do a masters. Perhaps even crazier was the early flight home to a locked-down UK and making plans to instead start a masters in September in something a little different.

So far, my 2020 has been pretty amazing and I’m so grateful I was able to travel for so long before everything kicked off with the virus. The rest of 2020 is very uncertain but I’m choosing to remain positive and try to make the best choices for my future.

I hope you’ll enjoy my musings – past, present and future.


A small part of my beautiful city – Edinburgh



I started this blog to document my travels at university and now my future trips. In first year I went to America to work with kids at summer camp and in second year I went travelling around Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Montenegro. I also managed to escape off to Iceland, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria whilst at university, so all in all I did pretty well! Whilst working my first full time adult job, I got away to Poland and Czechia in the winter, India in the spring and then I returned to Portugal in the summer. Who says you can’t travel with a full time job?!

2020 has seen me spend 2 and a half months away exploring Belize and Mexico, including doing my first workaway placement. I’m now back in Edinburgh, working and planning for the summer and autumn.



I’ve always treated this blog as just part of the website ‘aletterfromlou.com‘. I want to provide good information on the places I’ve been and the things I’ve done. I want this whole thing to be helpful. I haven’t managed to develop these areas but hopefully when I have more time I will.

Most importantly, I want this to be full of memories, photos and stories that I can keep looking back on in years to come, and that’s always been my favourite part of it.


Thank you very much for visiting my website – stay tuned for more letters!


From Lou

[Page updated 17/04/2020]

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