About Me


Welcome to my blog! I’m Lou and I started this blog to document my travels and to provide as much information about the places I’ve been as possible.

This is the first time I’ve updated this page after finishing university. It feels slightly strange to not be introducing myself as a student studying architecture. That’s not my life anymore. I am now working full time, managing property and events for a historic trust – and I love it. I’m also enjoying memories of past travels and dreaming of future ones.

I hope you’ll enjoy my musings.


A small part of my beautiful city – Edinburgh



I started this blog to document my travels at university and now my future trips. In first year I went to America to work with kids at summer camp and in second I went travelling around Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Montenegro. I’ve also managed to escape off to Iceland, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria so all in all I’ve done quite well travelling whilst at university!

The real adventure starts now.



I actually want to treat this blog as just part of the website ‘aletterfromlou.com‘. I also want to provide good information on the places I’ve been and the things I’ve done. I want this whole thing to be helpful. I haven’t managed to develop these areas but hopefully when I have more time I will.

Most importantly, I want this to be full of memories, photos and stories that I can keep looking back on in years to come.


Thank you very much for visiting my website – stay tuned for more letters!


From Lou

[Page updated 06/09/2018]

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