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Welcome to my blog! I’m Lou and I’ve started this blog to document my travels and to provide as much information about the places I’ve been as possible!

I’m from the South of England in a little village in Hertfordshire, however my family and I moved to sunny Somerset in the South West when I was 9. I’m now 20 years old and am living in Edinburgh for university.

I’m studying architecture which may be my dream job, but right now I’m working towards graduating so that I can get out and see the world.


Home – Edinburgh


I started this blog to share stories about my travels. I am very lucky because at Edinburgh University I am blessed with lovely long summers, which will usually be about 4 months. I intend to use these precious months to the maximum and do some exciting things each summer. I also have some smaller trips planned whilst I’m at university which of course I intend to document.

My aim was always to post 3 times a week, which has proved impossible. I’ll just try to post as and when I can! I was never a master with words so don’t expect long essays, but I would like to get some fun, helpful and informative posts out there!



I actually want to treat this blog as just part of the website ‘aletterfromlou.com‘. I also want to provide good information on the places I’ve been and the things I’ve done. I want this whole thing to be helpful.

It will take me some time to develop these areas of the website but I will get there!

Most importantly, I want this to be full of memories, photos and stories that I can keep looking back on in years to come.



Last summer (2016) I worked at camp in America which I loved and posted quite a few letters about my time at camp and travelling. Check them out here: Category: USA.

2017 has been pretty great so far! In the new year I went to Iceland for a week which must be one of the most amazing countries I’ve ever visited. I have some letters about my trip here: Category: Iceland.

I also went to Italy for 10 days as part of my course, and visited Rome, Turin and Milan. Each city surprised me in different ways and it made me fall in love with Italy all over again. Read my letters about Italy here: Category: Italy.

I’ve just spent my summer of 2017 doing some pretty awesome things and I am just finishing off writing about all of the wonderful places I visited!


  • September: I visited London to catch up with my family, spent a couple of weeks at home in Somerset with my mum, celebrated my best friend’s birthday in Cardiff and then relaxed for a miniscule amount of time before heading to the Lake District to see my friend who moved to Berlin for her year abroad.
  • October: I enjoyed a lovely weekend away with my boyfriend in Loch Lomond which allowed me to see a little more of Scotland and get away from my degree for a couple of days.
  • November: Filled to the brim with work.
  • December: So far has been incredibly busy with uni work but it’s slowing down now and I am very ready for Christmas. Just before Christmas I head to Berlin for a week and then back home to London to spend the holidays with family. Shortly after my boyfriend is coming down to Somerset to spend time with me and home and we’re seeing the new year in with my best friend in Bath. Can’t wait!
  • January: Me and my boyfriend are heading to London for the night before flying up to his home in the highlands. Hoping for good weather! Then I’m spending a week in Edinburgh getting a head start on MY LAST SEMESTER OF UNIVERSITY!!!!


Thank you very much for visiting my website – stay tuned for more letters!


From Lou

[Page updated 09/12/2017]


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