Mixed feelings about jetting off – for the first time ever

Letter 173

In the past four and a half years I have been incredibly lucky and travelled to a number of different countries, enjoying so many brilliant experiences. My trips have ranged from a few days to three months and I have never found it difficult to pack my bag and leave home for the next adventure. The only troubles I’ve had were on my return when it pained me to leave a country I had so desperately fallen in love with.

This time felt a little different. This morning, at 3:15am, my boyfriend drove me to the airport ahead of my three-month trip to Central America. Instead of the usual excitement about my forthcoming trip, I actually felt sad to be leaving. Sad to be leaving my boyfriend, our lovely flat and our wee hamster who we’ve become very fond of. I feel strange about leaving Edinburgh for this long and can’t quite believe I won’t be back until April. It also feels a bit alien to be travelling again after 18 months in a full-time job which I finished over two weeks ago.

At least, that’s what I was feeling in my overtired, slightly emotional state wondering around Edinburgh airport before 6am. Now I’m sat in my airport lounge in Gatwick, watching the planes go by and eagerly awaiting the announcement of my flight so I can get going. Within 12 hours I will be on a different continent, embarking on my biggest adventure yet. I can’t yet imagine all of the crazy things I’ll get to do, but I know I am very ready for all of them.

It all boils down to the fact that I’ve really missed travelling. It’s when I feel most like myself, when I can challenge myself in the best ways and when I get to experience the craziest memories and adventures. I will miss home like crazy, but it’s okay because it’s there waiting for me. I will be so happy to be back in April, but until then, I will be living my best life.

See you on the flip side!

From Lou

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PS. When you’re reading this I will most likely be horrendously jet-lagged in my hostel room with a day in Cancun ahead of me. I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Mixed feelings about jetting off – for the first time ever

  1. Friendly suggestion, there is homepathtic remedy called No Jet Lag, it is amazing. Both my sister and have no literally no jet lag on long trips with 6-10 hours time change. Enjoy Central America!

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