Life is a jigsaw puzzle

Letter 152 The analogy that everyone's life is a unique jigsaw puzzle that we are blindly building, is the perfect way to explain so many fundamental things. That we're all fiddling around with different pieces trying to figure out how to create a perfect picture that we can't yet imagine. That sometimes pieces don't fit … Continue reading Life is a jigsaw puzzle

Creating a Capsule Travel Wardrobe

Letter 141 Who says travelling has to involve wearing nothing but dark colours 'because it doesn't show dirt' and changing your entire wardrobe to a selection of uninspiring clothes? Many, many backpackers say that. I disagree. I am a big advocate for being a light-packing traveller, but that doesn't mean a load of boring dark … Continue reading Creating a Capsule Travel Wardrobe

Collecting experiences, not countries

Letter 135 Something that both impresses and baffles me is when people set out to visit every country in the world. There are 195 of them, so it's not a small feat. On one hand, I think it's admirable that people are aiming to have stepped foot on every country in the world, on the … Continue reading Collecting experiences, not countries

Advice from a summer camp cousellor

Letter 90 This time last year I had just booked my flight to America. My place at camp was confirmed, visa in the bag and I was eager to set off. Now I want to share a load of advice that I learned from a summer at camp. So if you're off to camp, or … Continue reading Advice from a summer camp cousellor

10 Challenges for travellers!

Letter 88 Tips and advice for travellers has been done countless times before, but I still wanted to share some of the things I have learnt from travelling, mainly solo. However, I will be doing this by listing out 10 challenges that I think you should set yourself! Enjoy! 1 Have a conversation with 5 … Continue reading 10 Challenges for travellers!

Travelling solo vs with friends?

Letter 83 I already have a letter about solo travel, so for this one I'd like to just talk about travelling with others. More precisely - what drives me crazy about travelling with others. Read my previous letter, number 9, here: I travelled solo. This topic has been playing on my mind since Italy, a few … Continue reading Travelling solo vs with friends?

Choose life.

Letter 65 Choose life. Choose maps. Choose long distance friends. Choose tears. Choose laughter. Choose love. Choose flip flops. Choose living out of a backpack. Choose bad hostels and good cafes. Choose bookshops and foreign languages. Choose aeroplanes. Choose overnight buses. Choose postcards. Choose sunrises. Choose views you can't photograph and memories you can't write down. … Continue reading Choose life.

Travel essentials: clothing

Letter 25 I have recently been getting together all of the things I intend to pack for my 3 months in the states so that I'm organised for when I actually have to pack it!   This letter however is all about clothing, how to pack light and what are the must have items! Obviously, … Continue reading Travel essentials: clothing

Travel essentials!

Letter 22 Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the things I think are essential to pack for a long trip. There will be a couple of letters coming which will be about my backpack, clothing I take and how I actually pack it all! Document wallet: a simple lightweight folder to … Continue reading Travel essentials!