A week in Iceland for £500?

Letter 58 Not quite. But I did it for £538. In this letter I will breakdown my spending for a week in Iceland so you can see how it can be a budget location! FLIGHTS My boyfriend and I booked flights to Iceland on impulse back in April. The deal was too irresistible! You can read my … Continue reading A week in Iceland for £500?

Iceland’s night light

Letter 57 You can bathe in the warm lagoon steaming under the full moon's glow, or you can gaze openly to dancing skies of green ribbons. I was lucky enough to do both. I would love you tell you about my experiences with the romantic Blue Lagoon and the illusive Aurora Borealis. AURORA BOREALIS I was desperate … Continue reading Iceland’s night light

Iceland’s light

Letter 56 During our week in Iceland we had some of the most beautiful weather I have ever seen. Sunrises and sunsets last for an hour casting long elegant light across the city and the landscape. These qualities make for stunning photos and in this letter I would like to share some of my favourite photos. … Continue reading Iceland’s light

The colourful capital (Reykjavik Guide)

Letter 55 I spent a week staying with a lovely Icelandic woman in downtown Reykjavik and explored this fascinating city. In this letter I want to tell you about the things we did in the most northern capital of the world - and explain to you why it should be on your bucket list! We … Continue reading The colourful capital (Reykjavik Guide)

The best Golden Circle Tour

Letter 54 Iceland surprised me in so many ways. I believe I may have found true paradise and stood and took countless photos of it whilst my hand almost dropped off from the cold. It really is magnificent and I want to tell everybody about it. The Golden Circle tour is the most popular tour … Continue reading The best Golden Circle Tour

I did something crazy

Letter 5 Well maybe not that crazy. One of my favourite things to do is plan trips. I love researching, looking at flights, mapping out routes... this can amuse me for HOURS. Well, me and the boyfriend were thinking about taking a trip towards the end of the year, just a short weekend to somewhere … Continue reading I did something crazy