I did something crazy

Letter 5

Well maybe not that crazy. One of my favourite things to do is plan trips. I love researching, looking at flights, mapping out routes… this can amuse me for HOURS. Well, me and the boyfriend were thinking about taking a trip towards the end of the year, just a short weekend to somewhere in Europe, maybe a city, maybe somewhere warmer than Edinburgh. Instead we booked a week in Iceland.

Basically, I’m a sucker for a bargain. Easyjet sent me a lovely email telling me how their January flights are now out and are cheap, so I had to take a look.

We paid £53 return each.

Could you resist that? That’s less than it is for me to go home from uni! And now I am buzzing. Iceland has always been a country that intrigued me. The lifestyle, the language and of course the landscapes. And as a geography enthusiast I think it will be a trip to remember. Iceland, being a bit off the beaten track, is probably not a place I would visit on a standard Europe trip so I’m incredibly happy to have the chance to go next year (7th to the 14th of January)!

I have been doing a substantial amount of research since booking these flights and have come up with a list of places I’d (I should say we’d…) like to visit. I’ve also been checking out accommodation and how to get around. If anyone has been to Iceland and has any advice whatsoever please let me know!

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8 thoughts on “I did something crazy

  1. You wont regret Iceland! It’s amazing! I would suggest AirBnb though as hotels are hit or miss from reviews. Please don’t forget to do the tip based walking tour City Walk Reykjavik, you can search for their website. If you plan to take bus tours, I would suggest Gray Line. And of course, swim in any of Iceland’s geothermal pools! Enjoy Iceland!!! ❄️


  2. Happy you got crazy. I’ve done some super trips on specials which I keep watching out for – particularly on Qatar which has crazy 72 hour offers (ie you have only 72 hours to book but validity for one year). Should start checking out Easy Jet as I got a super special last year Milan to Prague.

    Enjoy 🙂


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