Budget Guide to Belize – including my route and unique places to visit!

Before the world descended into lockdown madness, I was lucky enough to be travelling on the other side of the world, exploring beautiful Belize and Mexico. I spent 6 weeks in Belize and loved my time there. I covered a lot of ground, leant about the varied Belizean culture, honed new skills and volunteered for an eco project for a month. In this post I'll offer a guide to budgeting for Belize, describe my route and must-see places and reveal a few more key lesser-visited gems!

The next adventure: Belize & Mexico

Reefs, ruins, rainforests and rivers: the four features the tiny country of Belize is known for, and are four of the many reasons I chose it as my next destination. Central America has always fascinated me, and Belize has been finding its way to the top of my bucket list for the past few years. Now that flights are booked and plans are roughly sketched out, it's finally becoming a reality.

I’m going to Bulgaria!

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After work comes play!

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Travel essentials: clothing

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Advice on the states?!

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Travel essentials!

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I travelled solo

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I did something crazy

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