I’m going to Bulgaria!

Letter 131

What better way to wind down from a stressful few months of final year university deadlines than to jet off for a fortnight travelling through the cities, mountains and Black Sea beaches of Bulgaria? Well, that’s exactly what my boyfriend and I thought today when we, quite spontaneously, booked flights to Bulgaria.

In just two months we fly out to Sofia for a 16 night holiday travelling though this vast, varied country, before flying back from Burgas on the coast. I am unbelievably excited. I literally cannot wait to get away from everything, spend some quality time with my boyfriend and discover a new country. I fell in love with the Balkans in Montenegro and cannot wait to explore this crazy country. I am already overwhelmed with how much there is to see and do, and I therefore know we’ll only see some things – but that’s okay. We’re hoping for a good mix of cultural cities, beautiful hikes and relaxing beach days. I am buzzing.

So all we’ve done today, and all we’ll probably do until we get there, is book flights. We found a flight to Sofia (west Bulgaria) the day after my boyfriend’s last exam which was at a good time and cheap. The flight was £27.50 and the baggage was £25 – that’s how Ryanair get you. Luckily we’re splitting one hold luggage so technically it was £12.50. Then we saw a flight back from Burgas on the Black Sea for £43 with WizzAir, with a lovely £51 added for baggage, Wizz REALLY get you (£25.50 each). Total of £108.50 for return flights to Bulgaria with half a hold luggage bag – could be worse.

As for the route? Not sure yet. I have a list of initial places that I think we should stop off at but I’m open to suggestions! With 16 nights we can probably stop off in 6 or 7 places, so we should be able to see a lot.


bulgaria route
Example Route – Samokov is for the Rila National Park don’t know where we would stay yet.


Counting down the days!


From Lou

About Me


PS. This isn’t the first time we’ve done something like this – nearly 2 years ago we spontaneously booked flights to Iceland. One of the best week’s of my life! Read that post here: I did something crazy

PPS. I’ve used my budget calculater, described in detail in this post: How to calculate a travel budget (and other tips), to roughly calculate a budget for the 2 weeks:

  • Average accommodation price: £10 per night
    • From a tiny bit of research I think we can comfortably get either a double room in a hotel/hostel or an airbnb for £20 per night between the two of us. In some places it might be slightly more but in others it’ll be less! Either way, Bulgaria looks to be very cheap!
  • Daily budget: £20
    • I’ve doubled the accommodation price to get a daily budget which will include accommodation, food and activities.
    • For 16 nights that gives a total of £320.
  • Transport allowance: £50
    • I’ve added on 15% of the daily budget to allow for transport between places, which I think should be enough.
  • TOTAL: £370
  • We’ve spent £108.50 on flights and will spend around £40 getting to and from airports in the UK.
  • Therefore, I predict the overall cost of the 16 night trip will be around £550 or maybe £600 to include some luxuries – but I guess we’ll see!




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