Letter 139 Walking the sandy beaches of the Greek coastline at sunrise protecting nests, watching the hatchlings meander their way to the sea and raising awareness of the dangers to sea turtles to locals and tourists is a rewarding, fun and relaxing way to spend a few weeks of your summer. ARCHELON NEEDS VOLUNTEERS In … Continue reading VOLUNTEERING FOR A SEA TURTLE PROTECTION CHARITY (and having a ball doing it)

Alternative Budget European City Breaks!

Letter 130 Lost on where to next visit in Europe? I'd like to offer my input of some of my favourite European cities that suit a student budget! I've not been to a huge amount of countries in Europe, but those I have been to I've travelled well so I hope my insight will help! … Continue reading Alternative Budget European City Breaks!

Sharing my love of Greece…

Letter 81 Spectacular nature and pristine beaches you can discover. Tiny intimate villages and whitewashed towns and cities. Friendly people who sound angry whenever they speak Greek. Eating 2€ gyros and calamari for every meal. Watching sunsets. Crystal water. History. Architecture. I love Greece. Maybe you'll understand some of my love of this wonderfully diverse country … Continue reading Sharing my love of Greece…

I loved Athens… again

Letter 13  Returning to Athens a second time (after only 6 weeks), I immediately felt at home. In this letter I will continue to tell about the things I did in this charming city. The 1st part of this is here. On the day I returned I had one thing on my agenda. Find food. … Continue reading I loved Athens… again

I loved Athens

Letter 12 The winding streets, the monumental ruins, the friendly people, the endless markets; this whitewashed city completely captivated me. I met so many people on my travels last year that strongly disliked Athens and as much as I understood their arguments, I disagreed. So today I'd like to share my argument. I spent about … Continue reading I loved Athens

I volunteered for sea turtles: all the info

Letter 8 As you may know from previous posts, I spent 6 weeks volunteering last summer (2015). I did this with the charity Archelon on their project in Koroni. It was the best experience, and I could not recommend it enough to anyone who wants to travel and become part of a really worthwhile project for even … Continue reading I volunteered for sea turtles: all the info

I fell in love

Letter 4 Do you know what I find so wonderful about travel? Falling in love. You're hopping between different situations where falling in love happens so quickly and easily and you can't help it. I'm not an emotional person, but I have seen landscapes, heard words and had experiences which have bought tears to my … Continue reading I fell in love

I found turtle tracks

Letter 2 Before I start officially blogging about this years travels, I want to tell you about what I did last year! I had always wanted to travel - it's in my genes. I even planned multiple gap years from about the age of 13. I guess you could say I'm kind of obsessed. But … Continue reading I found turtle tracks