Alternative Budget European City Breaks!

Letter 130 Lost on where to next visit in Europe? I'd like to offer my input of some of my favourite European cities that suit a student budget! I've not been to a huge amount of countries in Europe, but those I have been to I've travelled well so I hope my insight will help! … Continue reading Alternative Budget European City Breaks!

Travelling in Italy: costs revealed!

Letter 78 How much does it cost to travel to and through Italy? Italy is known as one of the priciest European destinations - but it doesn't have to be! After spending 10 days in Rome, Turin and MilanĀ I'm now sharing how much it cost me and how you can plan how much Italy could … Continue reading Travelling in Italy: costs revealed!

Milan’s monthly antique market

Letter 77 I have to say, my last day in Italy was possibly my favourite. Milan managed to surprise me and completely change my opinion of the city. Visiting some of the quieter parts of the city, and especially the market, made me fall just a little bit in love with Milan. It also gave … Continue reading Milan’s monthly antique market

Milan: the city of shopping

Letter 76 I was unsure of Milan when we first arrived. I thought there may not have been much for me here. However, after a day exploring, this large city has started to win me over. We visited some beautiful spots of the city and I've actually had a really nice, sunny, relaxing day. Just … Continue reading Milan: the city of shopping

Fog can’t dampen my day in Turin!

Letter 74 Unfortunately, the weather today was unkind to us, and it decided to sprinkle a thick layer of fog over the whole city. Fortunately, there's still loads to do in Turin that the weather doesn't affect! We have been lucky all week with beautiful sunshine, so we couldn't be too upset, and we still … Continue reading Fog can’t dampen my day in Turin!

Turin: the city of surprises

Letter 73 Amongst parallel streets of ornamented apartment blocks and quaint shops sits vast piazzas and peaceful gardens. The whole city has an air of calm to it and it truly is a breath of fresh air after visiting the tourist hub of Rome. I am very quickly falling in love with this little Italian … Continue reading Turin: the city of surprises

First Impressions of Turin

Letter 72 After a long, sleepy overnight train from Rome, we arrived into Turin at 9am. Even walking out of the station felt such a relief and I could tell how different this city would be to bustling Rome. Today has been a lazy day and most of it has been spent napping, strolling, reading … Continue reading First Impressions of Turin