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I stayed in this hostel both in late June and early August, for 3 nights each time. I thoroughly enjoyed both times and I can highly recommend it! So on this page I will give you the information you need to know about staying here and why you should only stay here in Athens!



    • For those that don’t know Athens, there are 2 main squares: Monastiraki Square and Syntagma Square. On both of these you are connected to the metro and therefore the rest of Athens, including the airport and Pireus Port.
    • 30 minutes on the blue line from the airport
    • 25 minutes from Pireus on the green line
  • Being here means you are right in the centre – where the buzz is! On the square you’ll find markets, small shops, restaurants and bars.
  • You have great access to the acropolis via a pretty walk uphill through Plaka. You can walk up to the Acropolis in about 10 minutes. This also means that from the square, and the hostel, there are fantastic views up towards the monuments.



  • Accommodation: ranges from single rooms to suites to the backpacker dormitories
    • I stayed in an 8 bed dorm which I found very comfortable. It’s simple and functional, with bunk beds. There is a toilet and separate shower room and you also get a balcony.
  • Rooftop bar: the massive selling point for this hostel. Beautiful views over Athens and a great place to enjoy a drink and a snack with new friends!
  • Walking tour: Every morning starting at 9 (I think) and takes you to some wonderful places across the city that you’ll miss without being told about them! It’s free but courtesy to tip.
  • Breakfast: When I stayed breakfast was included in the price (one of the reasons I chose it) however now it is 4€ per day. It was a light breakfast (cereals, bread etc) which is perfect for me because there was also tea! If I went again I probably wouldn’t pay to have breakfast because it’s so cheap to eat in Athens, or I would just buy a snack.
  • Kitchen: everyone has access to the kitchen which I used a few times.
  • Lobby: wifi and lots of seating to get to know others staying at the hostel!
  • Basement: lounge, pool table, home cinema and laundry facilities!
  • Security lockers: you can leave your bags here whilst you travel around Greece!



  • The cheapest price you’ll pay is 18€ (£14) per night for an 8 or 10 mixed dorm.
  • For a smaller 4 bed mixed dorm you’ll pay 24€ (£19).
  • If you’re in a group it might be worth going for a studio where you’ll get your own kitchenette. This is 25€ (£20)
  • Here’s an example:



I had a fantastic time at this hostel. I met some amazing people that I still keep in touch with and I will certainly be staying there again! I would recommend booking a couple of days in advance online (even through hostelworld) because I saw people being turned away. It’s very popular for people doing the busabout tour (Aussie tour thing across Europe), because they stay in Athens one night before doing island hopping. Because of this you’ll meet a lot of Aussies! And if you’re in a dorm you may be woken up at 5am when they leave.


So there you have it! No. 1 hostel recommendation for one of my favourite cities!



Busabout (just in case you’re interested)

Rooftop Bar!