I found turtle tracks

Letter 2

Before I start officially blogging about this years travels, I want to tell you about what I did last year!

I had always wanted to travel – it’s in my genes. I even planned multiple gap years from about the age of 13. I guess you could say I’m kind of obsessed. But because of the degree I was taking at university, I had to give up my dreams of a gap year at 18 and instead just disappeared for the summer.

I decided to do some volunteering. This way I would be able to go off on my own, but know that I have something arranged where I would meet people and be kept busy doing something worthwhile for 6 weeks. Best decision I ever made. I spent my time volunteering for a sea turtle charity in Greece.

The charity is Archelon and they protect the sea turtles who nest in Greece. I stayed in Koroni in the Peloponnese region of the mainland and spent my days walking along the beach at sunrise finding and protecting nests, working at the kiosk informing people about caretta caretta (the turtles in Greek), doing chores at our campsite and swimming, playing cards, sleeping on the beach, taking trips around the area and getting to know the incredible people who were also volunteering there.

I then spent 2 weeks in Athens, Rome, Florence and Venice. These are 4 amazingly beautiful cities where I had unique and special experiences specific to each of them. They were all chosen because I was fascinated by the architecture and I was not disappointed! It was really amazing to get a snapshot of these cities, and the countryside between them, and I will certainly be returning.

So there you go. My first solo trip. My short introduction to travel.


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