Travel Q & A

Letter 52

Your travel heart belongs to?

Koroni, Peloponnese, Greece. I lived in a tent, 5 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the town for 6 weeks and I think it will always be an incredibly special place to me. Go on a hunt through my letters and you may discover a bit of why I love it so much. Also, please visit and stay at Camping Koroni.

I found turtle tracks | I fell in love

Best Getaway?

Florence. I visited as part of a 2 week trip in Italy and completely fell in love with this charming slice of heaven. It has history, art, food, countryside and is remarkably beautiful.

My Florentine Hostel | I cycled around Florence

Your last international holiday was in?

The USA! I worked at a summer camp for 11 weeks and then travelled for 2 to Boston, Philadelphia and New York. What a trip!

3,176 photos later – I can’t possibly link all of the blog posts/photos from this trip but this letter has the links and photos in!

Your last local holiday was in?

I think Dublin if my memory serves me correctly. Lovely city! I’ve actually never written about it – some time I may get round to it!

Planes, trains or automobiles?

Whatever is cheapest? I don’t drive so cars are out of the question. To save money I am happy to travel overnight on a bus or train (and I can sleep on literally anything so that’s not a problem) but I also love flying, especially when it’s so cheap and convenient in Europe! I’m not good at answering questions it seems…

Are you a last-minute packer or do you plan ahead?

Plan ahead. That is me in a nut-shell. I plan. I’m trying to wean myself off planning ahead and be more spontaneous but I’ll never be a last minute packer.

Travel essentials! | Travel essentials: clothing

Do you travel light or heavy?

Light. Really light actually. I don’t need much to get by and I find it extremely satisfying to have a restricted set of things that I travel with.

Your favourite outfit to travel in?

Some patterned slightly baggy trousers, a white stripey t-shirt (I live in them), my red fleece and my walking shoes. Heavy things basically. And this would be if I’m travelling to a hot country.

Favourite beauty product for a long trip?

Nivea face sun cream which I use as moisturiser as well as sun protection. I don’t wear make-up when I’m travelling.

The first thing you do when you arrive in a destination?

Find where I’m staying and get straight back out to have some food and soak in the new place. I normally get lost on the first day but that’s okay. I always find my way back…

Secret to a perfect holiday?

Lots of walking aimlessly through cities, reading on any suitable seat I can find on my travels and meeting new friends.

If we travelled with you, what would we see you doing on the plane?

Probably reading my kindle or sleeping. I’m very good at sleeping on planes. Or if it’s long haul I’ll watch as many films as I can physically fit into the flight.

I found this idea on someone else’s blog and thought it was a cool set of questions for people who read the blog to get to know my style a bit more! I hope you like it too!

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