Letter 139 Walking the sandy beaches of the Greek coastline at sunrise protecting nests, watching the hatchlings meander their way to the sea and raising awareness of the dangers to sea turtles to locals and tourists is a rewarding, fun and relaxing way to spend a few weeks of your summer. ARCHELON NEEDS VOLUNTEERS In … Continue reading VOLUNTEERING FOR A SEA TURTLE PROTECTION CHARITY (and having a ball doing it)

Travel Plans After University

Letter 117 This is a letter more for me than you, to get me away from my architectural theory reading and escape off to the plans in my head for travel once I finally finish my degree. Plans include Germany, Greece, Scotland, horses, Eastern Europe, English teaching qualification, Mum's 60th trip and the States. All … Continue reading Travel Plans After University

Sharing my love of Greece…

Letter 81 Spectacular nature and pristine beaches you can discover. Tiny intimate villages and whitewashed towns and cities. Friendly people who sound angry whenever they speak Greek. Eating 2€ gyros and calamari for every meal. Watching sunsets. Crystal water. History. Architecture. I love Greece. Maybe you'll understand some of my love of this wonderfully diverse country … Continue reading Sharing my love of Greece…

Another Travel Q & A

Letter 59 Best piece of travel advice? Walk. As far as you can for as long as you can. The most enjoyable experiences you'll have will be when you're leisurely walking with no destination and stumble upon something great. Home is? Edinburgh. I've only lived here for a year and a half because of university … Continue reading Another Travel Q & A

Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

Letter 51 With only 4 days of 2016 remaining I thought I would write a letter about what 2017 will hold for me. It will also give you an idea of what letters to expect throughout the new year. But first, I hope you all had a magical Christmas with friends, family or acquaintances and … Continue reading Should auld acquaintance be forgot?

I nearly missed my flight

Letter 10 ...my first ever flight on my own. Yes, I had everything planned for my trip to volunteer with the turtles, I was confident I could handle anything Greece had to throw at me. What I clearly couldn't handle was getting from Mill Hill to Gatwick. I had my train ticket all booked, and … Continue reading I nearly missed my flight

I travelled solo

Letter 9 I was really excited to post about this and feel like I may have a few pearls of wisdom... if not, it may still make for an interesting read! I wanted to write about travelling solo, not ALONE, that's a rubbish word, but travelling solo. MY SOLO TRIP Most of my posts are … Continue reading I travelled solo

I volunteered for sea turtles: all the info

Letter 8 As you may know from previous posts, I spent 6 weeks volunteering last summer (2015). I did this with the charity Archelon on their project in Koroni. It was the best experience, and I could not recommend it enough to anyone who wants to travel and become part of a really worthwhile project for even … Continue reading I volunteered for sea turtles: all the info