I have plans

Letter 1

In 2 months I leave! In exactly 60 days (and 21 hours) I will be jetting off for a summer in the states! It’s safe to say I’m slightly on the edge of excitement.

I started planning this trip and applying for americamp last summer whilst I was in Greece and now it’s really real! Well, today I actually booked my flights. Last week I finalised my visa. And now all that’s left is to finish my final few weeks of my 1st year of university. That in itself is pretty scary.

So, the plan? I fly to Washington DC for camp and spend 11 weeks working in Maryland and then spend a couple of weeks travelling before heading home for university. I’ve never been to states so I’m quite curious about what it has to offer me. Food? Culture? Architecture? Space? I’m open to stateside life.

I’m excited to hopefully make a small impression on the kids I’ll be working and living with. And meeting some more amazing people! Last year I made friends for life whilst travelling and I’m very ready for more!  I’m also dying to see a sunrise over the great Atlantic towards home! My favourite time of day.

I’ll keep you posted!


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