A slice of heaven in the city

Letter 33 Along with the spellbinding monuments and skyscrapers of the capital lies the quaint historical area of Georgetown which I found quite charming. I visited last weekend and it gave me a very different outlook on DC which I will share with you in this letter. If you jump off the metro at Foggy-bottom … Continue reading A slice of heaven in the city

Wave to the President!

Letter 32 Since arriving Stateside more than 2 months ago, I have visited their capital twice and have become quite fond of it. It's far larger than I like a city to be, the metro trains don't come as frequently as London and it's not that easy to navigate, but I did enjoy exploring it. … Continue reading Wave to the President!

I’m going to work in the states

Letter 3 For anyone who is thinking about going to camp or is just mildly interested I thought I would give you the nitty gritty of my job at a camp in the States. In this post I will give you all the details of what it costs to get a summer camp job and … Continue reading I’m going to work in the states