A slice of heaven in the city

Letter 33

Along with the spellbinding monuments and skyscrapers of the capital lies the quaint historical area of Georgetown which I found quite charming. I visited last weekend and it gave me a very different outlook on DC which I will share with you in this letter.

If you jump off the metro at Foggy-bottom you are only a 15 minute walk into the heart of Georgetown which is one long high street. It felt like a bustling British village to me and made me feel right at home. Of course I managed to find a book store and wandered around it for about an hour. I came out with a $3 childrens book about Greek Myths and finished it that very same day. Loved it. On this street is also the famous ‘Georgetown Cupcakes’ shop which I failed to go in because I am not one for waiting in queues and this particular queue stretched out of the shop and right around the corner. I’m sure they are very tasty cupcakes though.

On one side of the main street is the river which provides stunning views of the towering business district of DC and also beautiful landscaped areas for admiring these views and soaking up the sun. There’s also a fun maze which you are told to kind of contemplate life while wandering around it. I just tried to do it as quickly as possible (not that quick it turns out) and ended up a sweaty mess. At least there was a bench for me and my lunchable. I went for a walk down the river and then circled back up to the street, taking a small detour along the canal which runs parallel to the river.

I then decided to walk over the bridge and back. It’s a long bridge! Lovely walk though with some lush views of the river, buildings and Georgetown.

On the other side of the high street are many side streets heading up hill. Some of these are laced with shops and cafes and others are made up of different coloured Victorian style houses which suit the area beautifully. I walked around these streets for quite some time and especially enjoyed some of the older more characterful facades.

So that’s Georgetown for you! An absolutely stunning place which you should go visit! You could even stay here as a base for exploring DC due to the fantastic metro links (bus and train) and it’s also only a 50 minute scenic walk to the Washington Monument. I loved it!


From Lou

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