On top of the world

Letter 47

The crazy taxi driver sped through New York, leaving the skyscrapers behind to a backdrop of the late afternoon sun. I wanted to drink in every last bit of New York and etch this spellbinding city on my mind. Instead I spent the journey clinging to my seat for dear life and wishing the driver would put his seat belt on and tablet down. New York drivers are bonkers.

I left New York on the 9th of September, but only after another full day exploring the city and cramming in as much as possible before I reluctantly boarded my Aer Lingus flight heading east. I began the day on the metro, disembarking at Times Square which was preparing for the day ahead. I headed over to the Hudson at 42nd street where I was to pick up my cruise. One of the things I really wanted to do in New York was a boat trip. This one was a 3 hour long ride around Manhatten passing the islands, the bridges, the skyscrapers and the water stretching away for miles. It was good, but like many other trips in the city, they cram you on like sardines and I actually realised I would’ve preferred a shorter trip. Plus I had already seen a lot of it from my trip to see the statue a couple of days earlier. Either way, it was still fun and offered fabulous views.

I jumper off the boat (not literally, mind) at 1 and was famished. I sat down for lunch on a forgotten bench of western Manhatten and watched the city roll by. It’s strange that for a few days I was a part of New York. I then headed to the attraction that was high on my list of things to do. I was told really great things about it, and now I will pass those good things on to you. Top of the Rock is the observation deck soaring 70m above New York’s hectic streets. It’s located on 50th street at the top of the Rockefeller Centre which shamefully I did not explore at all. The views from here far surpass those of the Empire State, in my opinion. Mainly because you can actually see the Empire State, one of the greatest buildings in New York. Why would you not want it in your panorama? It’s also a few streets more north and therefore closer to Central Park so you get a better view of it. But the greatest thing? It’s not completely packed. I can only speak for the time I went, which was at about 2pm on a Friday, but I could move, relax, take in the views quietly or take a photo without feeling like I was in someones way. The observation areas are spread over 3 levels which helps immensely with crowd control and gives you tonnes of different angles. I can’t speak highly enough about Top of the Rock, so if you splash out on only one attraction – make it this. It’s $32 and worth every cent.

That for me was the perfect way to round off New York. I then wandered back to the station through Rockefeller Plaza (something I wish I’d discovered sooner!) and down the parallel streets of the urban jungle.


Visiting New York was an amazing experience and something I will never forget and will one day repeat. It really is a one of a kind and the perfect way to end my perfect summer.

From Lou

PS. That’s it for my daily accounts and stories from my summer in the States. Check out some of my other posts below if you wish. Any questions please comment! I love comments! Much love x


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