A day in Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

Letter 41

This may be the biggest treat I’ve have ever given myself, and it was 100% worth it. 3 and a half hours on the boat included 90 minutes floating in the marine sanctuary 30 miles away from Boston harbour, observing the whales in their natural habitat. It was a beautiful trip from start to finish that allowed us to simply watch in awe as the whales went about their business. There was definitely no luring them to our boat, instead they would come on their own accord out of curiosity. We saw about 20 different whales that day, and the marine expert identified them for us by quick inspection of their fingerprinted tails.

I managed to get some great photos of the whales gliding at the surface and also diving down. They are such graceful creatures and I know so much more about them now than I did before.

The weather might not have been great, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the whales so close up and to have the photos to keep is incredible. They are beautiful.

If you get the chance to go whale watching, in Boston or elsewhere, do it! It was $49 (or $70 with the aquarium) and it was worth every cent. It’s the most perfect way to see them. Here is the website for the company we went with and I would highly recommend them: Boston Harbor Cruises.

I will write about our last day in Boston in the next letter. So sad to leave, it’s an amazing city.

From Lou

PS. We also saw the famous Boston lighthouse on the way to the sanctuary…


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