He steered the boat with his foot?!

Letter 42 As we enjoyed our boat trip to see the whales we decided to spend part of our last day in Boston doing another boat trip. This time with a land destination. There are 30 islands within the Boston Harbor and our short ferry ride bought us to Spectacle Island which has the highest … Continue reading He steered the boat with his foot?!

A day in Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

Letter 41 This may be the biggest treat I've have ever given myself, and it was 100% worth it. 3 and a half hours on the boat included 90 minutes floating in the marine sanctuary 30 miles away from Boston harbour, observing the whales in their natural habitat. It was a beautiful trip from start … Continue reading A day in Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

Here comes the sun

Letter 40 Waking up at 5am for sunrise is 100% worth it when you have a beautiful setting of boats and faraway islands to see silhouetted in the orange morning light. The tranquillity and happiness I felt watching the sun peep through the ropes of a sail boat whilst sat on a bench along Boston's … Continue reading Here comes the sun

We crashed Harvard’s welcome ceremony…

Letter 39 Accidentally, of course. We were simply wandering around finding the perfect patch of grass to take a nap on and we came across a sea of immaculately dressed people and an important person making an inspirational speech on the stage. Can we now be members of the Harvard Class of 2020? We began … Continue reading We crashed Harvard’s welcome ceremony…

Boston has the friendliest squirrels

Letter 38 So we were walking through Boston Common, aiming for the beautiful gold-domed State House and we come across a chubby squirrel lying belly down on the path. Of course we went over to take some photos and it ended up being the friendliest squirrel ever and we grabbed a selfie! That one will … Continue reading Boston has the friendliest squirrels

Our host took us to a cookout!

Letter 37 Barely 5 minutes after meeting our wonderful airbnb host she very kindly invited us to join her at her friend's cookout; an offer we gratefully accepted! After a fantastic first day in Boston we thought we were the luckiest people in the world! It took us 11 and a half hours on an … Continue reading Our host took us to a cookout!