We crashed Harvard’s welcome ceremony…

Letter 39

Accidentally, of course. We were simply wandering around finding the perfect patch of grass to take a nap on and we came across a sea of immaculately dressed people and an important person making an inspirational speech on the stage. Can we now be members of the Harvard Class of 2020?

We began our 3rd day in Boston on the harbour and finally gave in and bought tickets for the aquarium and whale watching. Together they come to $70 which is quite a price; but we treated ourselves. In the morning we did the aquarium and we left the visit to the humpbacks for the next day. New England Aquarium is absolutely fantastic! We spent the whole morning there and unlike most places, they stamp your hand so you can go in and out as much as you want. I thought this was great! We left and had lunch looking over the harbour and then went straight in to finish looking around the exhibits. The aquarium is full of multi coloured fish, seals, penguins, turtles, octopuses and even sting rays that you can touch! In the centre of the building is a huge cylindrical tank which rises up 4 floors and holds hundreds of species of marine life. Including my favourites; the turtles.

We then spent our afternoon in and around Harvard University which was really something. Gate crashing the welcome ceremony wasn’t in the plan but it was great all the same! The speeches were wonderful, as were the marching band and the beautiful setting.

We walked around the area some more and came across wonderful red brick architecture, quaint stores and lush parkland. We’re going back again on our last day to explore some more!

We decided to get an early night in preparation for the next day’s planned activities. You’ll have to wait for letter 40 to find out more, but day 4 was probably my favourite day in Boston.

Until tomorrow folks!

From Lou

{Harvard Graduate Class of 2020}

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