Here comes the sun

Letter 40

Waking up at 5am for sunrise is 100% worth it when you have a beautiful setting of boats and faraway islands to see silhouetted in the orange morning light. The tranquillity and happiness I felt watching the sun peep through the ropes of a sail boat whilst sat on a bench along Boston’s Harbour walk was incredible.

I’ve decided to separate day 4 in Boston into 2 letters. We did 2 major things that day which I think deserve their own posts and I hope you enjoy both. I’d like to share with you some of my photos at sunrise, I’m really quite proud of them. My favourite time of the day is sunrise and I’ve seen quite a few in various locations around the globe. This could be my favourite.

I hope you like my photos! There will be more to come of some very special marine creatures in the next letter!

From Lou


{Amateur Photographer}

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