The Taj Mahal at sunrise is the stuff of dreams

Sometimes monuments or buildings come with such high expectations that you can't help feel disappointed when you visit. The Taj Mahal is not one of these places. It was everything I expected and so much more. It was magnificent and I still can't believe I've actually seen it in the flesh.

Rome: sunrises, spaces and shutters

Letter 68 Observations from my first day on my second visit to Rome. At 4:30 this morning I left my top floor Edinburgh flat to head to Rome. By 12:30 this afternoon I had witnessed a stunning sunrise over Scotland, had a blissful sleep thanks to my travel pillow and stepped out of Rome's monumental … Continue reading Rome: sunrises, spaces and shutters

Iceland’s light

Letter 56 During our week in Iceland we had some of the most beautiful weather I have ever seen. Sunrises and sunsets last for an hour casting long elegant light across the city and the landscape. These qualities make for stunning photos and in this letter I would like to share some of my favourite photos. … Continue reading Iceland’s light

Here comes the sun

Letter 40 Waking up at 5am for sunrise is 100% worth it when you have a beautiful setting of boats and faraway islands to see silhouetted in the orange morning light. The tranquillity and happiness I felt watching the sun peep through the ropes of a sail boat whilst sat on a bench along Boston's … Continue reading Here comes the sun