Boston has the friendliest squirrels

Letter 38

So we were walking through Boston Common, aiming for the beautiful gold-domed State House and we come across a chubby squirrel lying belly down on the path. Of course we went over to take some photos and it ended up being the friendliest squirrel ever and we grabbed a selfie! That one will go down in history.

We did eventually make it to the State House and it was seriously amazing. It has the most beautiful golden domed room and many other classical spaces coming off it. We also found the library within the State House and sat to admire it for a while. It was a very peaceful exploration of a building.

We then took a walk to a market we had heard about. It’s based around Faneuil Hall and also includes the food stalls of Quincy market. The whole place was buzzing with street performers, market stalls, people, restaurants and lights. When we returned in the evening for some food and a stroll it became even better!

We headed off to Boston Public Library next and it was just as impressive as I thought it would be. We also spent some time relaxing in the sun trapped courtyard whilst we took a drink.

During the day and the evening we also explored one of my favourite areas of Boston that I’ve seen so far. Sandwiched between the buzzing markets and the tranquil harbour is Christopher Columbus Park. It’s manicured lawns and flowers surround the arched walkways and benches, perfect for sitting and soaking in the views. In the evening the park lights up, mirroring the market, boats and towering buildings in the background. It’s a beautiful setting.

We had a really great day exploring this beautiful city. 3 more left! Being in Boston alongside other friends from camp who have decided to only stay for 2 or 3 days has made me realise how important it is for me to travel slowly. I would rather see a few places in great depth than see loads of places but barely scrape the surface. I feel like I’ve already gone so deep into this city and there is still so much more to do!

Boston is Fantastic.

From Lou

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