The world in microcosm

Letter 44 "The pond represents the ocean, the hills represent the mountains and the trees become the forests of the world." In my last couple of days in Philly I spent my time exploring the extensive Fairmount Parkand. I was surprised at how many wonderful areas and buildings I found, as well as the statues … Continue reading The world in microcosm

Don’t judge a book until you’ve met the characters.

Letter 43 Walking through Chinatown seeing rundown buildings, hearing beeping horns and shouting in the distance and only spotting faraway skyscrapers among the clouds peeping above, I thought I'd made a mistake staying for 4 nights in Philadelphia. It seems I was wrong. The deeper I wondered into the city, walking constantly through the parallel … Continue reading Don’t judge a book until you’ve met the characters.

A day in Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

Letter 41 This may be the biggest treat I've have ever given myself, and it was 100% worth it. 3 and a half hours on the boat included 90 minutes floating in the marine sanctuary 30 miles away from Boston harbour, observing the whales in their natural habitat. It was a beautiful trip from start … Continue reading A day in Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

Boston has the friendliest squirrels

Letter 38 So we were walking through Boston Common, aiming for the beautiful gold-domed State House and we come across a chubby squirrel lying belly down on the path. Of course we went over to take some photos and it ended up being the friendliest squirrel ever and we grabbed a selfie! That one will … Continue reading Boston has the friendliest squirrels

Our host took us to a cookout!

Letter 37 Barely 5 minutes after meeting our wonderful airbnb host she very kindly invited us to join her at her friend's cookout; an offer we gratefully accepted! After a fantastic first day in Boston we thought we were the luckiest people in the world! It took us 11 and a half hours on an … Continue reading Our host took us to a cookout!

After work comes play!

Letter 36 After 11 weeks living in Charles County, Maryland, working as a summer camp counsellor, it is now time to relax and travel. I only have 2 weeks and I'm planning to visit 3 places, so I thought I'd update you all with the plans! We are starting with an overnight bus from Washington … Continue reading After work comes play!

Summer of a lifetime

Letter 35 "A child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person." 10 weeks. 60 counsellors. 100s of kids. 1,000s of memories. This summer has changed my life beyond anything I could've imagined. Each child I have worked with has inspired and changed me and for this I am grateful. … Continue reading Summer of a lifetime

A slice of heaven in the city

Letter 33 Along with the spellbinding monuments and skyscrapers of the capital lies the quaint historical area of Georgetown which I found quite charming. I visited last weekend and it gave me a very different outlook on DC which I will share with you in this letter. If you jump off the metro at Foggy-bottom … Continue reading A slice of heaven in the city

Wave to the President!

Letter 32 Since arriving Stateside more than 2 months ago, I have visited their capital twice and have become quite fond of it. It's far larger than I like a city to be, the metro trains don't come as frequently as London and it's not that easy to navigate, but I did enjoy exploring it. … Continue reading Wave to the President!

I’ve realised I’m a vegetarian

Letter 31 Working with children with disabilities is something I had never considered, and was quite apprehensive about before starting camp 9 weeks ago. However, each week excites me beyond belief as I know I will be working with amazing kids who will have a huge impact on me. I hope to have the same … Continue reading I’ve realised I’m a vegetarian