Wave to the President!

Letter 32

Since arriving Stateside more than 2 months ago, I have visited their capital twice and have become quite fond of it. It’s far larger than I like a city to be, the metro trains don’t come as frequently as London and it’s not that easy to navigate, but I did enjoy exploring it. “Head for the tall pointy thing!” seems to be the easiest way to find your way to the main monuments.


L’Enfant Plaza is the most central metro station (just south of the sculpture garden) and is a good base to begin a day in DC. The first thing we did was walk aimlessly (in the wrong direction) until we found a map and got back on track. In one long cross shape in the centre of the city you have the monuments.First is the Lincoln Memorial with the veterans memorials either side. These are all really spectacular. In front is the stunning Reflecting Pool which is bordered by columns representing all of the states. The Washington Monument (the tall pointy thing) sits in the middle of this central cross and can be seen from all over the city. It’s tall. It also provides a great view of the city from here. To the north is the Ellipse and one of the most famous buildings in America – The White House. I hate to say it but it was a let down, which I expected. We couldn’t get very close so it looked small and underwhelming but we did wave to the President. South of the Washington Monument is a tidal basin, home to plenty of swans and surrounded by some pretty buildings and a memorial. Continuing along the central line is a string of museums which I’m sure are all well worth visiting. I am also sure that this would take many days and so I have only been to one – the Natural History Museum. It was a wonderful museum and I could’ve spent ages wandering around it! Here’s a wee photo collection of these main sites…

Beyond this central strip is a sprawling city of impressive buildings and skyscrapers as well as some smaller areas of quaint streets and parks. It’s a fantastic place that is not to be missed on a trip to America. I feel very lucky that my camp happens to only be an hour and half away!

Stay tuned for a letter about my favourite part of DC – Georgetown!

All the love,

From Lou

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