I’ve realised I’m a vegetarian

Letter 31

Working with children with disabilities is something I had never considered, and was quite apprehensive about before starting camp 9 weeks ago. However, each week excites me beyond belief as I know I will be working with amazing kids who will have a huge impact on me. I hope to have the same effect on them of course. Some kids have taught me patience, some empathy, some sympathy and every single one has shown me pure joy at some point. It has made me realise how lucky I am and also that I want to work with children with disabilities in the future.

Summer camp has taught me so much about myself, some trivial things and some incredibly meaningful. Either way, I wouldn’t change this summer at all because it has been the most important experience of my life to date.

I especially didn’t realise how much I would grow to love the kids I’ve worked with. And how upset I’d be when I have to say goodbye. 3 of my favourite campers left last week and this week a few more leave. I’m currently working with a little girl who lights up my life! She’s 6 years old and is non-verbal. She’s the sweetest, most beautiful girl you could ever meet and has given my the best week at camp.

Do I really have to leave?

From Lou

PS. As chicken has been served for almost every meal I am now done. I’m a veggie.

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