I could live here

Letter 30

Since being in the States there has only been one place which I have been to and thought – I could live here. In this letter I wanted to tell you all about my favourite city (so far) in the States.


With only one day off per week it’s imperative that we use it well. I have now spent two Saturdays in this charming city. The first time it completely blew me away and I thought it was far nicer than Washington DC, mainly because I prefer smaller cities. We went on 4th July weekend (which gives you an idea of how bad I’ve become at blogging) and the city was laced with American flags, bunting and lights. The red brick roads and buildings were a welcome change from the endless fields of southern Maryland. It straight away felt more European than American and I loved every second of my visit.

We walked down the main street and wandered in and out of the quaint shops, including a beautiful antique book store which I spent slightly too long perusing. It’s called Black Creek Books (check out their website here) and I purchased a small book illustrating the city for each letter of the alphabet.

At the end of the main street is the harbour which extends out into the river and is covered with sailing boats, yachts and even kayaks. We sat and watched the world go by with the statues and listened to the busker. The sun beamed down on my new friends and I as we relaxed after a long week at camp.

Walking across the bridge, we admired the harbour. On the other side we were greeted with a residential area which we really enjoyed exploring. The houses were beautiful. Some brick, some stone and some wood cladded. I could live there. Go get lost in a city and you’ll find something great.

We headed back to the main harbour area and wandered about the quaint streets winding through the city. We ended up finding some beautiful historical buildings and discovered their stories in a tiny museum.

We then embarked on a mission to find a dome I had spotted throughout the day and eventually came across it! As an architecture student, this area of the city was mesmerising. The buildings are stunning – especially the state capitol building. Here’s a taster  what you might see…

The last thing we had to see was the State Capitol building which was really stunning! Walking around the outside is breathtaking but the inside was something else entirely! I had no idea how rich the architecture in this city was going to be!

If you are ever in the area I would recommend visiting Annapolis. It holds a lot of history, beautiful architecture and wonderful outdoor space. I fell in love with it!

From Lou

PS. I intend to start blogging more frequently when I get reliable wifi whilst travelling! I will also update you on all of the places I visited whilst at camp!

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