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Letter 29

The one thing I didn’t expect from camp was to become so fond of all of the campers, not just my own. I said a couple of letters ago that I wanted to make a mark on each camper I encounter, and I feel I can tell you that I have.

It has been far too many days since I last wrote a letter for this website and it’s shameful. But I’m actually not too worried. I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks that I’ve barely had time to pee, let alone post a blog. So let me tell you about my new hectic life…

Last week was camp’s first week. The first batch of kids arrived on Sunday 19th at 2pm and I settled in my 4 boys. I was on overnight camp last week which meant I had a group of kids that stayed from Sunday to Friday. It also meant that I was with the kids from 7:30am until 9pm (on a good day). After a rough start doubling a seizure from one boy and a behaviour involving smashing a phone from another boy, we actually managed to have a great week. I grew rather fond of my boys and we ended up being quite well matched. I actually became good friends with the whole overnight group and was quite sad to see them leave. My favourite part of the whole week was the talent show on Thursday where everyone got involved and did something outrageous for their fellow campers and counsellors entertainment. It was a fantastic evening and it made me a little emotional (not that I would admit it) when I got a hug from each and every one of those kids at the end.

This week I am on day camp instead. This means I have kids that come and leave each day from Monday to Friday. I have 2 boys who are far more challenging than last week’s, but I think I’m making good progress with them. They are now starting to respect and listen to me. It’s also been great to see some overnight campers returning for another week. I love getting a big hello from across the playing field or the busy pool. So far I’m having a really great week, lets hope it continues!

I also hope it won’t be too long before another letter…

From Lou

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