“Don’t make purple”

Letter 28

My first impressions of summer camp; ie. home for the next 10 weeks. These last few days have lasted what feels like a lifetime. I have come to the USA for the first time and so far have only seen the airport, camp and the roads inbetween. I’ve raised the camp flag and stood with my hand on my heart as the american councillors recite the pledge of allegiance. I’ve met loads of people from different countries and cultures and have learnt more than I care to share. I’ve done a hike in the woods where the camp directors worked hard to scare the sh*t out of us. I’m hard core so was only mildly amused (nearly wet myself laughing). But most importantly, I have become aware of how important my job this summer is.

My camp is an ‘inclusive’ camp. This means that we will work with kids with all levels of disability, including kids without any disability. I could be with a group of 8 largely able children, or assigned only one child with needs requiring more attention. This summer my main job is to allow all of the kids I work with, each with differing abilities, to have an amazing time doing things that all children should have an opportunity to do. I first thought that I would like to make a lasting impression on at least one camper. Now I have bigger goals. I’m going to work with countless kids this summer and I want to make a lasting impression on each and every one. My job is to make their summer, or even week, incredible.

This last week has been orientation week where we are trained in great depth about camp and our campers. We’ve learned about everything from how to cope with certain behaviours, to what to do in an emergency, to how to get fired. Obviously the latter is not on my agenda for the summer. There’s only a few days left of orientation and then on Sunday we welcome our kids. I don’t know what I will be doing or who I will be taking care of, but I’m so excited for it all!

So have a great day everyone! Maybe take a minute to think about how lucky you are, or help someone who is struggling with something you don’t.

Lots of love,

From Lou

About Me

PS. “Don’t make purple” was the leaders way of summarising how not to get fired. Took me far to long to understand what it means.

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