A letter from 30,000ft

Letter 27

Happy Monday guys! I’m actually writing  on Saturday (11th of June) whilst flying above the Atlantic Ocean. I’m on the way to the States for my new adventure. It’s been 2 months since the start of this blog, and it just happens to be the day I travel over to Washington. Over the next few months you can expect stories from camp, photos of my travels and hopefully some tips and helpful information that I hope to pick up over the summer! Join me for the ride!

3:15pm (UK time)

I left my house at 5am and after a 3 hour wait, 1 hour plane ride, 3 hour stop over and one third of my flight over; here I am. Above a blinding sea of white clouds, above the actual sea. In about 5 hours I’ll land in DC and hopefully will be met by my camp director. That’s the plan. In reality, no time will have gone by. They are 5 hours behind. I wonder how jet lagged I’ll be?

I was very lucky at Bristol airport to bump into a fellow camp councillor exhibiting the bright red Americamp top. Very sexy. We spent the entire morning chatting and getting to know each other, which passed the time nicely. I also drank my last 2 cups of tea in Britain and ate a mean meal deal in Dublin. Meeting new people is one of my favourite things about travel, and it happened in the first hour. I can’t wait to meet all the great people at my camp! (By the time you are reading this, I should already be suitably acquainted.)

TIP – FLY DUBLIN TO STATES. I don’t know if this happens in other airports, but in Dublin you can go through US security and visa checks before the transatlantic flight and then skip it in the states! It can take hours to clear immigration in America but it was so quick in Dublin, so definitely worth the stopover!

So, as I sit aboard this grand old aircraft watching Bride Wars and typing out this letter, number 27, I feel very lucky and excited.

Here’s to a fantastic summer!

From Lou

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