3,176 photos later

Letter 48 From a whole summer of photos I would like to share some of my favourites along with a word or two that describes them. Enjoy my photo essay.   I hope you enjoyed my photos; I certainly enjoyed my summer. From Lou PS. Here's one more chance to check out the my letters … Continue reading 3,176 photos later

Summer of a lifetime

Letter 35 "A child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person." 10 weeks. 60 counsellors. 100s of kids. 1,000s of memories. This summer has changed my life beyond anything I could've imagined. Each child I have worked with has inspired and changed me and for this I am grateful. … Continue reading Summer of a lifetime

Horse sense

Letter 34 This wonderful camp I've had the pleasure to spend 10 weeks working at is an incredibly special place. It allows people of differing abilities to full fill their potential and take part in everything possible and I am so proud of myself for aiding this. The horses were my favourite part of my … Continue reading Horse sense

I’ve realised I’m a vegetarian

Letter 31 Working with children with disabilities is something I had never considered, and was quite apprehensive about before starting camp 9 weeks ago. However, each week excites me beyond belief as I know I will be working with amazing kids who will have a huge impact on me. I hope to have the same … Continue reading I’ve realised I’m a vegetarian

My hectic life, my suffering blog

Letter 29 The one thing I didn't expect from camp was to become so fond of all of the campers, not just my own. I said a couple of letters ago that I wanted to make a mark on each camper I encounter, and I feel I can tell you that I have. It has … Continue reading My hectic life, my suffering blog

A letter from 30,000ft

Letter 27 Happy Monday guys! I'm actually writing ¬†on Saturday (11th of June) whilst flying above the Atlantic Ocean. I'm on the way to the States for my new adventure. It's been 2 months since the start of this blog, and it just happens to be the day I travel over to Washington. Over the … Continue reading A letter from 30,000ft

Travel essentials: clothing

Letter 25 I have recently been getting together all of the things I intend to pack for my 3 months in the states so that I'm organised for when I actually have to pack it!   This letter however is all about clothing, how to pack light and what are the must have items! Obviously, … Continue reading Travel essentials: clothing

Advice on the states?!

Letter 24 In exactly 7 days I will be making my way across the Atlantic ocean to Washington DC to start my 3 months in camp! I can't comprehend how quickly this has come around, and I cannot wait to get over there! I'm pretty organised for the trip. Everything I need to pack is … Continue reading Advice on the states?!

I’m going to work in the states

Letter 3 For anyone who is thinking about going to camp or is just mildly interested I thought I would give you the nitty gritty of my job at a camp in the States. In this post I will give you all the details of what it costs to get a summer camp job and … Continue reading I’m going to work in the states