Advice on the states?!

Letter 24

In exactly 7 days I will be making my way across the Atlantic ocean to Washington DC to start my 3 months in camp! I can’t comprehend how quickly this has come around, and I cannot wait to get over there!

I’m pretty organised for the trip. Everything I need to pack is in one big box, I have a new all-singing all-dancing backpack and pretty much all of the paperwork side is taken care of. There is one thing that is playing on my mind though, and I would love some help making these decisions.

After camp I will have only 2 weeks to travel and although I am not going to make any concrete plans until I get there, I can still mentally plan right? These are some options I am thinking about:

  1. New England. I’ve always wanted to visit New England and if I spend the whole 2 weeks there then I could get to Boston, Cape Cod and some of the inland countryside. I think it would be stunning.
  2. Washington state; home to one of my best friends. There lies the problem. It’s a 7 hour plane ride and 3 hour time difference between my camp and her home. Whilst I would really love to see her, I’m not sure if it’s worth the travel time for only a few days. However I’ve heard it’s a beautiful state so could it be worth it?
  3. San Francisco? I was thinking to make travelling over to the west worthwhile I could spend the 2 weeks travelling between San Fran and Spokane by bus, stopping off in Oregon?
  4. New York area. I had originally thought to spend my 2 weeks visiting places like Buffalo to see Niagara Falls – possibly hopping over to Canada, Philadelphia, Boston etc.

I need help! If anyone lives in or has been to the States can you give me some advice on where to spend my 2 weeks, either including Washington state or not. What do you think I should do? I only have 14 days and New York is a must (ideally for the last 3/4 days because that’s where I fly out of. I will be starting in Washington DC because my camp is near there. I don’t want to visit more than 3 other places because moving around every other day doesn’t suit me. I don’t mind long bus/train/plane journeys as long as they benefit me. Ideally overnight so I don’t lose time.

Thanks for reading, I hope you might be able to help!

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