My hectic life, my suffering blog

Letter 29 The one thing I didn't expect from camp was to become so fond of all of the campers, not just my own. I said a couple of letters ago that I wanted to make a mark on each camper I encounter, and I feel I can tell you that I have. It has … Continue reading My hectic life, my suffering blog

Advice on the states?!

Letter 24 In exactly 7 days I will be making my way across the Atlantic ocean to Washington DC to start my 3 months in camp! I can't comprehend how quickly this has come around, and I cannot wait to get over there! I'm pretty organised for the trip. Everything I need to pack is … Continue reading Advice on the states?!

I’m going to work in the states

Letter 3 For anyone who is thinking about going to camp or is just mildly interested I thought I would give you the nitty gritty of my job at a camp in the States. In this post I will give you all the details of what it costs to get a summer camp job and … Continue reading I’m going to work in the states