Time for a change

Letter 23

In a bid to bring more spontaneity to my life I decided to try something new this week. I had read and heard lots of great things about using henna to dye your hair and I decided to give it ago! What’s the harm in a little change?

Turns out, me and mum had great fun doing it and I am in love with the results! So in this letter I’m just going to share my experience of using the rouge henna block from lush.


The process

Making the dye to apply to your hair is an interesting process to say the least. I was warned about the terrible mess it makes but I was actually surprised that we managed to keep things pretty clean. Not to bad at all. One thing I didn’t appreciate was the smell. Some people like the ‘natural earthy’ smell that henna gives off when it’s melted; I thought it was quite revolting. (I can still smell it on my hair 2 washes later – I’m used to it now.)

I won’t write about how to do it because lush’s instructions are very informative.

Once the gloopy mixture is all over your hair and you’ve wrapped it tightly in cling film it is bloody heavy. Especially when you have a lot of hair like me. 3 and a half hours later I washed it off- the fun part! My bath may have resembled a horror movie murder scene, but this all washed away very easily. After shampooing my hair out I could really feel how wonderful and healthy it was starting to feel. You have to be patient because henna can take a while to fully remove from your hair.

The colour

Naturally my hair is very dark brown, but with some red hints in the sun. I had never dyed it before. I chose the rouge henna because I knew how difficult it would be to get my hair to take any colour and this would be most likely to accentuate the red. The result is a rich shiny chocolate colour which shines red in the sun. Whilst the change is subtle, I love how it has brightened my hair.

The feel

Henna is a completely natural substance and is used as a conditioning treatment as well as to colour. I could immediately feel how much healthier my hair is – and it’s visible too! The ends are less brittle and frizzy, the whole mop is shiny and I can’t stop touching it because it is so soft. This treatment is perfect for me because it didn’t drastically change my hair colour but it did improve the quality of my hair. I will certainly be doing it again!

I’m so happy I’m able to dye my hair without damaging it at all! Totally recommend the all-natural treatment of henna!

From Lou

About Me

PS. Happy 1st of June! I wish you the best for the month!

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