Life is a jigsaw puzzle

Letter 152 The analogy that everyone's life is a unique jigsaw puzzle that we are blindly building, is the perfect way to explain so many fundamental things. That we're all fiddling around with different pieces trying to figure out how to create a perfect picture that we can't yet imagine. That sometimes pieces don't fit … Continue reading Life is a jigsaw puzzle

Addicted to Travel

Letter 133 "Why do you travel?" The ominous question that is repeatedly greeted with silence because there are no answers. It's an addiction. Can we remove the negative connotations of 'addiction' for the 2 minutes you spend reading this letter? I've seen a bad addiction first hand so I know how it can be terrible … Continue reading Addicted to Travel

Sharing my love of Greece…

Letter 81 Spectacular nature and pristine beaches you can discover. Tiny intimate villages and whitewashed towns and cities. Friendly people who sound angry whenever they speak Greek. Eating 2€ gyros and calamari for every meal. Watching sunsets. Crystal water. History. Architecture. I love Greece. Maybe you'll understand some of my love of this wonderfully diverse country … Continue reading Sharing my love of Greece…

I’ve realised I’m a vegetarian

Letter 31 Working with children with disabilities is something I had never considered, and was quite apprehensive about before starting camp 9 weeks ago. However, each week excites me beyond belief as I know I will be working with amazing kids who will have a huge impact on me. I hope to have the same … Continue reading I’ve realised I’m a vegetarian

Love Actually (is all around)

Letter 26 We've all seen the beautiful moments narrated by Hugh Grant at the beginning and end of Richard Curtis' Christmas classic. The intimate interactions filmed at the arrival gate of Heathrow airport are truly heartwarming. "Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends" It's about saying goodbye and greetings … Continue reading Love Actually (is all around)

I fell in love

Letter 4 Do you know what I find so wonderful about travel? Falling in love. You're hopping between different situations where falling in love happens so quickly and easily and you can't help it. I'm not an emotional person, but I have seen landscapes, heard words and had experiences which have bought tears to my … Continue reading I fell in love