After work comes play!

Letter 36

After 11 weeks living in Charles County, Maryland, working as a summer camp counsellor, it is now time to relax and travel. I only have 2 weeks and I’m planning to visit 3 places, so I thought I’d update you all with the plans!

We are starting with an overnight bus from Washington DC to Boston – our first stop! We will stay in Boston for 4 nights at an airbnb, which should give us enough time to thoroughly explore the city and possibly even take some day trips. From Boston we are taking another overnight bus to Philadelphia where we stay for another 4 nights. I’m actually really excited about Philly because I found an awesome hostel which was exactly what we were looking for and is also ridiculously cheap! Our last stop is New York for 3 nights.

Here are the details of transport and accommodation and how much it is costing!

  • BUS Washington DC – Boston $27
  • AIRBNB Boston $30.50 p.n
  • BUS Boston – Philadelphia $39
  • HOSTEL Philadelphia $22 p.n
  • BUS Philadelphia – New York $10
  • HOSTEL New York $60 p.n (I have a 1 night free coupon)

TOTAL Transport = $76 (2 overnight buses, 1 day; all megabus)

TOTAL Accommodation = $330 (11 nights; average 32$ per night)


I think that’s pretty good for all the essentials of just under 2 weeks travelling. For 13 days it works out as $30 a day. I think I will budget an extra $20-$30 a day for food and activities, but this amount will vary depending on the city. I will be spending my earnings from summer camp so I will not be on a strict budget but it would be nice to go home with some money!

I’m very excited to get away from camp and start seeing some more of America than Maryland, but I will be really sad to leave my wonderful home here at camp.

Can I just come back after?

I’ll update you along the way!

From Lou

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