He steered the boat with his foot?!

Letter 42

As we enjoyed our boat trip to see the whales we decided to spend part of our last day in Boston doing another boat trip. This time with a land destination. There are 30 islands within the Boston Harbor and our short ferry ride bought us to Spectacle Island which has the highest point of all the islands with a stunning view of the skyline. It was a cloudy drizzly day, but the island and its 360 degree views were still beautiful and incredibly peaceful.

When we arrived we walked up to the north summit, a gentle stroll looping around the hill. From various parts of the hill you could see other islands, boats sailing on the calm waters and the city skyline in the distance.

At the top of the hill, with the skyline as our backdrop, we set up the tripod and decided to finally get some fun photos. For about 30 minutes we channelled our inner models…

On the completion of our make-shift photo shoot we descended back down the hill to catch a ferry back to Boston. The ferrys are really fun and also offer great views of the harbour and skyline. The thing I thought was best? Our captain steering the boat with his feet!

When back on land we headed back out to Harvard as we didn’t feel quite done there after our first visit. Thanks to our wonderful airbnb host we had 2 free tickets to the Harvard Art Museum – the Fogg. It was a really great museum with some interesting modern exhibits as well as paintings by some of my favourite old masters and artefacts from every continent. All of this is incased in a building designed by Renzo Piano and I was in awe. It’s well worth a visit, but a free visit is even better (it’s $15 per person).

The area of Harvard university is beautiful and I enjoyed walking around and experiencing the contrast to the centre of the city. Well worth a walk around.

After our final day in Boston we hopped aboard a megabus overnight coach to Philadelphia which took about 7 hours.

Stay tuned for adventures in Philly!

From Lou

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