Edinburgh’s transition to Spring

Letter 132

The sun in shining, the sky is bright blue, the grass is greener and the flowers are blossoming. This is spring in Edinburgh; when the meadows becomes a haven for walking, sports and barbeques, the stony buildings look a little bit grander and everyone has a distinct smile on their face. Spring is my favourite time in Edinburgh and with ‘The Beast from the East’ subsiding, it’s time for Edinburgh to shine in spring.

It was a wonderful day on Tuesday so I decided to grab my camera and walk through the meadows to uni to check out how spring is coming along. It’s not quite spring yet, but it’s getting there and it’s looking more and more beautiful already.

edinburgh spring 4edinburgh spring 5edinburgh spring 6edinburgh spring 7

Walking around Edinburgh is wonderful anytime of year. The building are classically stunning and the old town provides a mismatched collage of styles that make for an interesting contrast to the ordered new town. Even the 5 minutes from the meadows to my studio building is a sight for sore eyes.

edinburgh spring 8edinburgh spring 9edinburgh spring 10

edinburgh spring 11
The last remnants of ‘The Beast’ on the museum steps


My walk home, or to my boyfriend’s a little further south in Edinburgh (because of the exploding toilet in my flat – a story for another time), was equally beautiful as the sun was setting. I didn’t catch a striking orange sky or anything, but I did enjoy the clear evening and some beautiful buildings on the way.

edinburgh spring 1edinburgh spring 2edinburgh spring 3

A day of Spring transition. I hope I’ll be able to post in a couple of weeks about the meadows being covered in yellow daffodils, purple flowers and pink blossom. Now that really is a sight for sore eyes.

Until next time,

From Lou

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PS. Check out my last post about Edinburgh’s springtime: Yellow Hills and Purple Flowers

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Over the next few months, as a follower of my letters, you can expect tales of university torture in my final few weeks, an account of a short trip to London with some surprises, travel stories from 2 weeks in Bulgaria and an account of my relaxing holiday to Greece. Exciting few months!!

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