Yellow Hills and Purple Flowers

Letter 82

Springtime in Edinburgh is beautiful. There are so many parks and hills to explore and today I enjoyed venturing to an area I had never been to before.

After an incredibly hectic couple of weeks with numerous deadlines and my stress levels going through the roof and into outer space, I took a day off today. One whole guilt free day enjoying my favourite city in the world with one of my favourite people in the world. We ventured south of Edinburgh to the beautiful area of Blackford where we walked around the hills, sat by the pond and explored the streets of the villages surrounding the nature reserve. Even if the weather wasn’t quite as beautiful as it had been during the week, it was positively balmy and perfect for a wee walk.

On the way back we stopped in a cafe overlooking Edinburgh’s meadows and had a relaxing pot of tea. The meadows in springtime is THE most stunning place you can imagine and I can’t wait till it truly starts to blossom. Right now it’s gracing us with bright yellow daffodils and tiny purple flowers. I managed to forget my camera today but I hope you enjoy my photos from my phone of some lovely parts of Edinburgh.

Ediburgh Blackford Hill Arthurs seat
View towards Arthur’s Seat and the sea
Edinburgh Blackford Hill Bench
Peaceful Places
Edinburgh Blackford Hill
Yellow hills and villages beyond
Edinburgh Frog
Our friend Mr Frog
Edinburgh Meadows Flowers
Beautiful flowers in the Meadows
A map so that you can see where we’ve been – Blackford, with it’s nature reserve, and the Meadows closer to the centre. Both with views towards Arthur’s Seat in the east.

Just a quick post today to show you another side to my home. Have a lovely Sunday everybody!

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