Barbequing on the beach in balmy Edinburgh

Letter 149

What a wonderfully glorious week we’ve had in Edinburgh. Perfect sunny days and evenings spent sunbathing in the meadows and a city of happy people enjoying the summer we didn’t expect. For me last week was also my first week of work and I’ve come away from it having had a good week and ready for the next one.

7 things that have made me happy:


Sitting eating my lunch by the water, I made myself laugh by thinking that I could see turtles when in fact they were ducks swimming under water.


Relaxing with ice cream and an easy film.


Going for a post-dinner walk just because the weather was so pretty.


Waking up at 6am to do a workout and feeling stronger than last time. I may not be great at sticking to exercising, but it’s going better than I thought.


Dancing the night away with old and new colleagues.


Walking along the shore in the blazing sunshine.


Observing Edinburgh’s skyline from Carlton Hill. It sounds soppy but we basically relived one of our first dates from almost 3 years ago.

I truly had the best week and made the most of the sunshine and spending time with friends. This coming week is a really busy one but will be even better so I’m ready for it. It hasn’t been hard to find a happy moment in each day and I hope every week will be the same.

Where I get to work

Thanks for reading, I hope your week is filled with happiness!

From Lou

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