A Happy Week; The First of Many

Letter 148

I recently read a book that had me thinking about the little things each day that make you happy. Whether it’s waking up to a sunny day, spending an hour reading in your favourite spot, going for a walk for the hell of it, putting on clean bedding, or talking to a friendly stranger.

I have always said that the most important thing in life is to be happy, and I’ve decided to start keeping a note of little things each day that have made me happy, and each week collating these into a happy list of things. I’ve just had a particularly happy week, and so I’d like to share with you 7 things that made it happy.



The moment the 5 hour train from London pulled into Edinburgh and I was finally back home after a month. I always get such a buzz returning to this amazing city that I am incredibly lucky to call home.


A spontaneous brunch (which was actually just lunch as we were so late) and cinema date with my boyfriend. We don’t normally do stuff like this but we decided to treat ourselves.


A sunny walk into town to do some shopping which resulted in me finding a BEAUTIFUL dress for my graduation. I also got a great deal which made me even happier.


Getting a job!!! I got very lucky and am going to be working at the same company that I worked for during Fringe last year which I am thrilled about. I celebrated by buying some pretty flowers for myself and eating a few packets of Reese’s Cups which I am obsessed with. I start today!!


Relaxing in the meadows and wishing each passing cloud would hurry along so the sun would peep out again.


Clearing out my wardrobe to make space for a new one. I say ‘new’, not completely new. I went round some charity shops and popped to a shopping centre to pick up a few bits for work. I’ve never dressed for a real job before so I’m actually quite excited!


Reading in the sun in beautiful Prince’s Street Gardens. We had the most perfect weather so I enjoyed it outside all day (and got a wee bit sun-kissed/burnt).

edinburgh princes street gardens


I’ve enjoyed keeping a little note of things that have made me happy each day. This week has been particularly exciting and happy but I will keep this up and each week write a letter celebrating the little things that have made me happy.


I hope you have a happy week!


From Lou

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2 thoughts on “A Happy Week; The First of Many

  1. That really does sound like a great week, Lou!
    I’m a little ashamed to admit that despite living in England all of my life I still haven’t managed to visit Edinburgh yet! It is high up the list and I hope to visit in a few years with the kids when they are a little bit older. It looks a beautiful city.

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