Working kicks my blogs a**

Letter 150

How naïve I was to think that working a normal 9-5 job would mean I have endless amounts of time to spend on my beloved blog? Naïve is an understatement. My poor blog has retreated into the background, neglected and saddened. But here I am, making an effort again, trying to revive my wilting website.

By the way, the cover photo is the Water of Leith, where one of our great buildings is. How beautiful is Edinburgh?!

Who would’ve thought I would love my first proper job?

I wasn’t planning to fall into a job that not only am I good at, but I also freaking love. I get to work in beautiful buildings, managing properties and organising events. People ask me whether I think this could be my career. I don’t have the foggiest. I may like it, but I like a lot of things. I’m prepared to try 15 careers before I ‘settle’, if I ever do.

The most important thing, or perhaps second to happiness, is that I’m earning money. Sounds superficial but it’s true. Money makes the world go round, and considering my passion is travel, it certainly helps me get around the world. I am saving like mad so that I can get travelling next year, when I finish up the contract on my job. For now I will make the most out of this experience and enjoy reading my lonely planet books, dreaming of my next trip.

brac supetar 2
Memories like this keep my dreams alive


Or that I could fully embrace the Fringe like a boss?

Living in Edinburgh has so many perks, and a number of downfalls. The Fringe Festival falls somewhere in the middle of this. The city is busier than ever, full of tourists who neither understand the concept of personal space, nor have any consideration for locals who are trying to get on with their life. However, it’s also the greatest festival that brings together thousands of incredible acts in one spectacular city. My city. I’ve felt very lucky this summer and have seen some amazing shows and actually enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh’s Fringe.

Shows I recommend:

  • YUMMY – Beautifully choreographed and executed, and filled with hilarity, this drag/burlesque show was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Honestly insanely good.
  • FELICITY WARD – She had my in stitches with tears in my eyes. So effortlessly funny.
  • LARRY DEAN – Another stand up who I thoroughly enjoyed for his crude jokes and jibes and also the sweeter more personal revelations.
  • BEN HART: THE NUTSHELL – This is the first magician I saw at the fringe and I loved it. I was entranced and thought the show was well thought out with an impressive ending.
The Queens that make up Yummy

I’m (obviously) making plans for the future.

Obviously travel plans are my priority. I’ve got a lovely 16 days off over Christmas and New Year, which I plan to spend firstly with family in London, and then to spend a bit of time away. Where? I don’t know yet. First choice is St Petersburg, maybe Poland or even Spain. Am I fussy? Not in the slightest. As always, I just want to go somewhere different. I probably won’t book anything until nearer the time, but it’s in the pipeline!

As I’ve said before, plans for next April are coming along. It’s my mum’s 60th and we are planning to spend 2 weeks in India to celebrate. Again – won’t be booking for a while, but paper plans are in place! We are looking to fly to Delhi and travel around, stopping in around 5 places. I don’t want to rush but we also want to see as much as we can, so as usual, it’s about striking a balance. Will keep you posted on this!

I will then have a few days of annual leave left to take, which I am planning to take in May/June time, and escape away for a week in the sun. I would love to get back to Spain – maybe north – or perhaps Malta which has been taking my fancy recently. However, I can always rely on Greece if no where else.

I am then due to finish work at the end of August, but I may extend till Christmas – unsure yet. After that the world is my lobster!

The only thing not in my plans is saying goodbye to my beautiful city.

I have letters in my mind that I want to write but it’s been hard finding the time. I hope I will get better at balancing my time in the next few weeks and get more posts up on the website. Bear with me but thank you so much for continuing to follow.

All the love,

From Lou

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