My winter wonderland – from Wroclaw to Prague

Letter 155

My previous letter culminated in my final evening in Wroclaw, spent in a bar with 10 relative strangers. However, my last day in Wroclaw was so full and lovely, that I felt it deserved it’s own letter.

wroclaw city centre 4

I woke up to a city dusted in snow beneath blue skies. These truly are my favourite winter days. Those with a crunch beneath your feet, breath visible in the air and the sun warming your skin. I began my day with a short walk into the centre, aided by my fantastically located hostel, and went to meet a couple of my new pals. The same pals that I’d spend the last few days with, including New Year’s Eve. I got very lucky.

We had arranged to do a Escape Room because it sounded like fun and it was super cheap because it was Poland. It was A BLAST. We weren’t very good at it but it was so enjoyable and we it felt so real! I now just want to do more. Definitely recommend doing this if you’re travelling in the winter months when you can’t spend more than a couple of hours outside.

escape room

After we finished up here, we grabbed some lunch – a £2 toastie which was delicious – and said goodbye as we were all leaving the city. I still had a couple of hours before I had to leave and I wanted to soak up as much as I could of this gorgeous place under a small layer of snow and ice. It looks much better than on a dreary day – as does everywhere. I walked aimlessly until I realised I shouldn’t stray too far away from my hostel, as I did have a bus to catch. I explored the riverside, a beautiful park and many of the central streets and architecture. This was actually one of the first walks alone I’d had in a while. It was bliss.

wroclaw park snow 2

There’s something about wandering around a foreign city on your own that feels rather exciting. Nobody really knows you’re a tourist – you could quite easily be a local. Nobody is taking any notice of you, they’re just going about their day to day business. It’s funny that often these are the most vivid memories I have. I remember walking along the river, down a snow-capped, tree-lined avenue, and watching a boat peacefully floating along amongst the ducks. I remember watching a young family playing in the snow whilst I spotted another tiny dwarf on the pavement just outside the quiet park.

wroclaw snow river

I remember enjoying the brightly coloured buildings against the fresh snow and blue sky and thinking how cheerful it made the place.

wroclaw snow river 2

You would think that would bring my short and sweet stay in Wroclaw to an end. You’d be wrong. I thought I would only be in the city for a mere hour, until my bus would take me over the border to the Czech Republic. That was not the case.

I got to the bus station with a healthy half an hour to spare and picked up some treats to get me through the long journey. I waited by the stop, and no bus appeared. I was asked 3 times by locals (in Polish) about the bus, and obviously I had no idea because, 1. I am a clueless Brit abroad, and 2. I do not speak Polish and was therefore at a big disadvantage in the knowledge of Polish bus travel department.

The last person who asked me was actually a Ukrainian living in Prague and quickly switched to English. Right at that moment, the board showed that there would be a 2 hour delay on the bus. It went from ‘on time’ to ‘delayed’ in minutes. If I was back in the UK, this would probably put me in a foul mood, but in Poland, it didn’t feel like a huge disaster. Actually, it barely affected me. My new friend and I went to Costa to enjoy a drink and conversation whilst we waited for the bus. Turns out, she was great. We had a lovely time and the 2 hours flew by.

Long story short, the 2 hours turned into 3 and we eventually boarded the bus at 6pm. This meant we didn’t arrive in Prague until 10:30pm, and I didn’t get to my airbnb for another hour. This wasn’t a reflection on the location of the airbnb, more a reflection of the amount of time I can spend faffing over tickets, metros and google maps. I got there in the end.

airbnb prague

This leads me to the last leg of my New Year trip. I spent this with my boyfriend, staying in a stunning apartment, in one of the most beautiful, historic cities in the world.

Stay tuned for Prague.

prague town 18


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