Rila Monastery from Sofia

Letter 143 A trip to Bulgaria would not be complete without visiting this monastery. It's beauty and magnificence are striking when paired with the forested mountains in the background and surroundings of peaceful paths and rivers.     Art and Architecture I fell completely in love with the buildings, courtyard and art that graced ever … Continue reading Rila Monastery from Sofia

Reminiscing about the beautiful Bay of Kotor

Letter 112 In a bid to start November the way I mean to go on, I would like to share with you all the joys of the Bay of Kotor, a place that holds a special spot in my heart and where a lot of memories were made. I've spoke previously about my excitement towards … Continue reading Reminiscing about the beautiful Bay of Kotor

Secret Haven in Rome

Letter 69 It seems that this time round, on my second visit to Rome, I am enjoying it more and starting to fall in love with it. I believe that the reason my love for this ancient city didn't develop last time is that I was too concerned about doing all of the sights and … Continue reading Secret Haven in Rome