What to expect in Jaipur: it’s loud, it’s crazy and it’s utterly beautiful

Jaipur for me was a whirlwind and had many ups, a few downs and moments of pure confusion. We spent 3 days wandering around The Pink City, visiting palaces and forts, and taking in as much of this insane city as possible. There is so much to do, both in and out of the city, and it truly is a remarkable place. Where do I even begin with our stay here?

Castles + palaces + forest = Sintra

Letter 100 Sintra was a fairy tale and a place that is now very very high on my list to return to. As I was staying in Lisbon I took only a day trip here with a big group from the hostel and we had the most fantastic day. It was so great to get … Continue reading Castles + palaces + forest = Sintra

Milan: the city of shopping

Letter 76 I was unsure of Milan when we first arrived. I thought there may not have been much for me here. However, after a day exploring, this large city has started to win me over. We visited some beautiful spots of the city and I've actually had a really nice, sunny, relaxing day. Just … Continue reading Milan: the city of shopping

Fog can’t dampen my day in Turin!

Letter 74 Unfortunately, the weather today was unkind to us, and it decided to sprinkle a thick layer of fog over the whole city. Fortunately, there's still loads to do in Turin that the weather doesn't affect! We have been lucky all week with beautiful sunshine, so we couldn't be too upset, and we still … Continue reading Fog can’t dampen my day in Turin!