Travelling in Italy: costs revealed!

Letter 78 How much does it cost to travel to and through Italy? Italy is known as one of the priciest European destinations - but it doesn't have to be! After spending 10 days in Rome, Turin and MilanĀ I'm now sharing how much it cost me and how you can plan how much Italy could … Continue reading Travelling in Italy: costs revealed!

Secret Haven in Rome

Letter 69 It seems that this time round, on my second visit to Rome, I am enjoying it more and starting to fall in love with it. I believe that the reason my love for this ancient city didn't develop last time is that I was too concerned about doing all of the sights and … Continue reading Secret Haven in Rome

Rome: sunrises, spaces and shutters

Letter 68 Observations from my first day on my second visit to Rome. At 4:30 this morning I left my top floor Edinburgh flat to head to Rome. By 12:30 this afternoon I had witnessed a stunning sunrise over Scotland, had a blissful sleep thanks to my travel pillow and stepped out of Rome's monumental … Continue reading Rome: sunrises, spaces and shutters

Remembering Rome

Letter 61 Rome is a unique city with history etched into it's veins. It elegantly remembers it's past and reveals ancient tales around every corner. It's covered in architectural masterpieces which I can only now fully appreciate after studying them in detail. This letter is about my trip to Rome in August 2015. The next … Continue reading Remembering Rome

Upcoming Italian Adventure

Letter 60 ...and cultural architectural awakening. My next trip to Italy is a field trip for my course where we will visit sites in Rome, survey them and then decide which one to design a library on. It's quite exciting, and I especially like the idea of designing a library which is already capturing my … Continue reading Upcoming Italian Adventure