8 nationalities, 1 table and lots of beer – Wroclaw

Letter 154 Having not travelled solo for almost a year, I had almost forgotten the feeling of spending an evening with complete strangers that feel like old pals. Chatting about each others lives, places we've been and comparing cultures. It is truly remarkable and this is what Wroclaw will always signify for me. I only … Continue reading 8 nationalities, 1 table and lots of beer – Wroclaw

Travelling solo vs with friends?

Letter 83 I already have a letter about solo travel, so for this one I'd like to just talk about travelling with others. More precisely - what drives me crazy about travelling with others. Read my previous letter, number 9, here: I travelled solo. This topic has been playing on my mind since Italy, a few … Continue reading Travelling solo vs with friends?

I travelled solo

Letter 9 I was really excited to post about this and feel like I may have a few pearls of wisdom... if not, it may still make for an interesting read! I wanted to write about travelling solo, not ALONE, that's a rubbish word, but travelling solo. MY SOLO TRIP Most of my posts are … Continue reading I travelled solo