1 month!

Letter 14

Today marks a couple of milestones for me. It’s been 1 month since I created aletterfromlou.com and started blogging. It’s also 1 month until I leave for my trip to America and start working at summer camp.

Creating a travel blog has been a goal of mine for quite some time and I only wish I had started last year instead. Through this blog I want to capture memories of my travels but also eventually provide an information source for other travellers. I feel I have made a good start and have achieved what I set out to.

  • I have blogged 3 times a week. I’m pleased with this because at the moment I’m not even travelling so I thought thinking of things to write would be difficult. But it’s not. It’s been really fun remembering past trips and I will continue to do this.
  • I have created some information pages based on places I have spent time in. These will grow in the future but I have some hostel reviews and I’m planning to do some product reviews as well.
  • I have designed a website that I’m happy with. I really like the overall appearance of the website and although I know it will be edited in the future, at the moment I am content with its design.

Now for the second milestone. It’s only 1 month until I board a plane for the states. That’s mad. It’s been about a year in the planning and now it’s actually happening. I have a few last minute things to sort out on the paperwork side but other than that I’m ready! Before that I will have a few weeks at home to relax and spend time with my mum and friends, and then I’ll be off for 3 months! I’m slightly apprehensive about the whole experience but I’m sure I will love it.

Here’s to the next month!

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