1st year over

Letter 16

I arrived in Edinburgh a mere 8 months ago ready for university. I was ready to begin my lengthy education of architecture and to experience supporting myself in a new city. What I hadn’t considered was how attached I would become to both the city and the wonderful people I was blessed to live with and who have become my best friends.

I sometimes get so preoccupied thinking about the future and planning things that I forget how lucky I am in the present. So many of my thoughts this year have been about my trip to America in the summer, and even about travelling I want to do in the next few years. I created this blog to document it all but also as an outlet for these thoughts. But my day-to-day reality is really special and I need to appreciate every second of it. I have had the most amazing first year of university and today I officially moved out. The last 8 months have gone far too quickly and I realise the next 3 years will pass by equally fast. So for this letter, I will not talk about travel, but about life.

Moving out was a bit of an eye opener. My bedroom became bare and unwelcoming, very unlike the beautiful home I created for myself. All of my belongings and things I picked up whilst in Edinburgh mounted up to a large pile of luggage. Reluctantly I had to take it all home on a four and a half hour train journey. I met with my mum and aunties at the other end and we all struggled (un)gracefully on the wonderful tube. Next year I will bring far less. I have also had to say goodbye to my flatmates; my best friends. Even though we’ve only known each other for 8 months, I feel I know them better than anyone. We were so lucky to have been randomly put together in a flat back in September.

However, it’s only goodbye for a while. We will all see each other again for the start of second year, when we move into our grown-up flats in the city. 4 months will go quickly I’m sure. I just can’t imagine how much I will miss them, and my Edinburgh.

Goodbye Edinburgh, for now.

From Lou

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